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Mindfulness Practice for Parents


Ann M. D’Angelo M.A. Mindfulness Educator

Bring the practice of Mindfulness into your daily life and cultivate a calmer, wiser, more balanced life with your children.  The demands placed on parents today are profound, slowing down, letting go of past and future worries, bringing awareness to the present moment is a gift we can give ourselves, our families, and future generations.  


  • Develop a common language and practice within your family.
  • Cultivate kindness & compassion for yourself, your family, and others.
  • Practice conscious parenting by responding to stressful moments rather than reacting.
  • Recognize habitual patterns that “push your buttons” and an awareness to what triggers you to “flip your lid”.
  • Bring awareness to the beauty of life’s everyday moments with gratitude.

Join Ann D’Angelo MA, Mindfulness Educator in this 8 Week Exploration of the Foundations of Mindfulness.

Tuesday Mornings 9:00-10:30 am 
Classes begin September 24 – November 12, 2013
275 E. California Blvd. Suite E
Pasadena, Ca 91106
Cost $350

To reserve a place in the class 
626-840-0045 or 

Space is limited