many thanks…

Wake at dawn with a  winged heart
and give thanks for another day of loving. – Kahlil Gibran

gratitude-list“As a psychologist, I’ve studied the importance and impact of mindfulness practices on attentional focus, emotional regulation, and interpersonal attunement, and I’ve taught these practices to my own clients.  These skills, if developed in childhood, can offer a huge advantage in life!  My 5 year old son didn’t want to hear about it from his Mom, but Ann had a great way of connecting with him. Ann taught him some tools to help him increase his awareness of feelings and to self-soothe when he is upset, in really kid-friendly ways.   We weren’t sure he would take to the content of the class, but he remained interested throughout.  He not only told us about it each week, he used his new skills at home and even reminded us to take a deep breath and center ourselves when we were upset!  If only we had a class like this when we were kids!”


“Ann worked with our 8 year old daughter over the summer and it was a wonderful experience. Our little girl came out of each session with a sense of peacefulness and calm. Our family now does Friendly Wishes, which Ann taught us, before bed and it is a lovely way to end the day. The simple acts of mindfulness Ann teaches, which are very easy to remember and put into everyday situations, are priceless tools.”

– Parent

“I think that Mindfulness is a really good way to calm down and be in the  moment. I also think it improves me as a persons and as a friend.  It takes off stress. Mindfulness is like the path of life, although Mindfulness is also the way you handle it.”

– 6th Grade Student

“Thank you Ann for Mindfulness.  I have taught my family it and now we do not get in fights as often.”

– 3rd Grade Student

“Thank you, Ann!  Our seven-year-old daughter keeps posted above her bed your gentle reminders of breathing in / breathing out.  You’ve given her the tools to help her relax into her dynamic and ever-changing feelings.”


“Each and every day I am grateful for the Mindfulness that Ann does.  As a parent and a teacher I have watched her weave her gift and miracles on children.  My students and my sons have become better, kinder, more aware people because of the tools that Ann shares so gracefully.  She helps us all to realize the person we are inside.  The tough days become more manageable and the joyful days become more blissful with Ann’s mindfulness.  My life is blessed.”

– Lisa Heidel, 6th Grade Teacher and Parent

“I used Mindfulness to clear my mind and the answers were there.”

-2nd Grade Student

“I enjoyed the mindfulness class, it was relaxing and helpful.  It helped me learn how to calm myself down and handle stressful situations.  Mindfulness is a good way to learn how to handle yourself and find your inner peace.”

– 8th Grade Student

“Dear Ann, you did a super job at Mindfulness.  It helped our class. It even slowed the boys fastness.”
– 3rd Grade Student